Welcome to The Letter Gallery!

Welcome to The Letter Gallery!

Hello and welcome to The Letter Gallery! I am Tanima, the artist behind this page! I am a left handed artist based in Hyderabad, India. Most of my works are hand lettered quotes using watercolors but I also have a thing for acrylic canvas paintings which you will get to see in my shop!

The idea of creating The Letter Gallery began one day as a spur of the moment. I was new to Instagram and it was only through this platform that I learnt about lettering and I instantly found myself liking posts and following several calligraphers spanning across the globe. I soon got my hands on my first brush pen, and decided to share my creations with the world through Instagram. Hence started my lettering journey! 

It’s been a little over a year from that day and I am so glad I took that one step which altered my course of life considerably.

Every piece of art is created with so much love and care. With each piece, I only hope the person looking at it feels the warmth, love and positivity that I aim to spread through my works. Hope you find something that you love in the shop!

Coming to my blog, I aim to create content that will help lettering newbies with their journey and ease their struggles. So stay tuned! Hope to see you around!