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1. What do I do if I want a customized version of your work?

Ans: You can get a customized art piece made of something you like in the shop or a completely redesigned version. You can submit your request through the contact form below and I will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

2. Can I repost any of the work that I like on your website or social media accounts. 

Ans: You are very much encouraged to share any content that you like, however with proper credits given. Tip: Share the link of the website along with the media that you are sharing or mention my instagram account name (@TheLetterGallery). Digital work that you buy on this website can be used at free will of the buyer.

3. I am required to give my payment (debit/credit) card details to buy products on this website. Is my information safe?

Ans: This website uses transmission over HTTPS, meaning all your card information is encrypted using strong SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption. Your information is secured using industry recommended security standards, and it is absolutely safe to make payments on this website.  

4. What do I do if I wish to return a product?

Ans: I am very positive you will love and enjoy any product that you buy from this website. However, I regret to inform as of now I do not have a system established to accept product returns. Hopefully I  will have one setup soon. Meanwhile, if you are not satisfied with any product that you purchased on this website, please notify me gently and I will try my best to do whatever is possible in your case to fix the issue.

5. I am an artist too and I like your work. Are you willing to collaborate on some work?

Ans: I am always looking to know new people with similar interests and building the community stronger. If you have an idea in which you think my skills will add value to it, reach out to me via the contact form below or DM me on @TheLetterGallery instagram account. Excited to hear some great ideas 🙂

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