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Art Supplies for Brush Lettering

Art Supplies for Brush Lettering

From the very beginning of my lettering journey, the supplies I used played an important role in my works. With every new tool, I learnt something new and improved my skill. Few of them also helped in enhancing the look of my art pieces. So here is my list of supplies that come very handy for my lettering work:


  • Pencil : I always draft my work with a pencil before going in with paints. It helps me place the words right and work on improving the composition. I normally use a mechanical pencil but for commissioned pieces I use the Prismacolor Col- Erase pencil in red. It is water soluble and hence leaves no trace on the paper.
  • Brush : The most important tool in your brush lettering is the brush. The type of brush you use for your work makes all the difference. My go-to tool is a good old round brush in size 0 or 1. The ones I use are quite inexpensive but they do a good job. An alternative is a brush pen which gives varying brush stroke on changing the pressure. There are fine tip brush pens, broad tip brush pens, alcohol based brush pens, water based brush pens and so on. I will be discussing more about brush pens in another upcoming article. However, my favourite is the Tombow fudenosuke soft tip brush pen.
  • Paints : Coming to paints, I mostly use watercolors for my pieces. The paints blend well with each other and help in achieving gradient effect. An alternative to this is using inks. Inks are highly pigmented and give a bright, saturated effect to the piece.


Special Effects:

Once I am done with my brush lettering, I proceed to creating some 3D effect to it using the following supplies. These steps are not necessary for a beginner, however you can try them out later once you perfect your lettering skills.


  • Fineliner : These help in creating shadows of the letters. The ones I use are the pigment liners from Staedtler. They can be also used for drawing illustrations, doodling, mandalas,etc. The best part is that these markers are waterproof which helps me to first draw and then go ahead with painting over it.
  • White gel pen: These help in giving a wet, gel-like effect to the words, if done correctly. The products I mostly use are the Uniball Signo white and Sakura white Gelly Roll pen.


So these are my must have art supplies that I always carry with me, even when I’m travelling. Fortunately, they are mostly travel friendly (except for inks) and help me create art on the go.


Having the right set of art supplies makes a world of difference. Hopefully, this article helps you kickstart your lettering journey with ease.